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My second iPhone App

June 30th, 2009 No comments

A couple weeks ago I managed to get my second iPhone application published on the iPhone App Store. The app is called “Chakra Wellbeing” and is a healing tool and de-stressing application. More details can be found on my app site here.

Chakra Wellbeing is available on the App Store by following the link below.

App Store
After a couple weeks, sales are averaging about 10 per day, which I’m pretty happy about since I haven’t done any marketing or advertising. I hope to blog a bit more about how the app was build later.


June 30th, 2009 No comments

Came across this rather good description of Twitter in Time magazine the other day:

“Twitter is basically a toy for flirting and telling people what your cat is doing.”

But more worryingly, it went on to say this about Tweets during the Iranian elections:

“But here is a measure of its new role in international politics: engineers delayed a planned network upgrade that would have taken the system down at the height of the protests after being asked to wait by the U.S. State Department”

Tags in space

June 26th, 2009 No comments

Followed another link to this page. Cool flash TAG thingy! (Disclaimer: I was just googling “iphone URL encoding” and ended up here. Haven’t actually read the blog!)

Best Error Message

June 26th, 2009 No comments

Followed this link and got a cool error message.

Particularly likes the “Please be assured that someone has been fired.” message!

Debrief: World Leaders App

June 20th, 2009 No comments

This blog entry has been moved to my app site.

PC Problems

June 13th, 2009 No comments

A few weeks ago I had a few problems with my computers at home. We’ve got quite a selection at home; my MacBook, a couple laptops (one XP, one Vista) and a couple desktops (one XP, one duel boot Ubuntu/Vista). Our main family PC (running XP) gave up with a busted power supply. Rather than spend money on this rather old PC, I decided it was probably time to start using our newer PC (Ubuntu/Vista) as our main family machine. This had initially been bought to set up as a web server at home but I later decided it was easier just to continue using my external hosting service.

I’m not a great fan of Vista and I’ve got a few programs on XP that don’t work on Vista so I decided to add XP to the new PC, along with the current dual boot Ubuntu/Vista. Big mistake! I started to install it on an unused disk (there are 2 disks in the machine) but aborted very early on as it could only see about 130G of the 300G available. Despite the fact I only got a few steps through the installation process, it still managed to destroy the master boot record on the main disk. So when I rebooted the PC, it wouldn’t restart! Everything was gone. After much cursing and swearing, several reboots from Ubuntu installation disks and a bit of googling, I gave up. Fortunately there was not a lot of stuff on this machine so I just installed XP on the whole machine. (I never liked Vista much anyway and to be honest, Ubuntu never played well with the video card in that machine).

There are a few bits of free software that really helped here.

The XP installation could still only see 130G on one disk so I installed  EASEUS Partition Master. This could see the full size of both disks, so I was able to create a bunch of other partitions and use all 800G. The software worked really well and was very easy to use. Highly recommended.

The disk I rescued from our old PC (and installed in an external USB case) had file permission problems, meaning I couldn’t read everything from the new machine. I am use to using XP Pro edition but installed XP Home edition at home. I then discovered XP Home doesn’t have the Security tab in the file permissions window! (Pro version does. I think you can reboot XP into “Safe” mode – but why make it that hard). So, I found FaJo XP File Security Extension (XP FSE) . This added the required Security functionality and works very well. Also recommended.

Also discovered that my Mac can’t write to the NTFS USB disk. Enter NTFS 3G. Actually I haven’t tried using this yet… but it looks promising!

Moral of the story. Make sure you back up everything you don’t want to loose before messing around with disks and new operating systems. I was lucky this time and could afford to loose everything on the machine. I’m pretty sure I could have recovered what was on the disks if I really needed to but it would have been a lot of time and hassle.

iPhone Developer : Individual or Company

June 3rd, 2009 No comments

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